Introducing Jason Dorland's 3rd book and 1st novel ...

IKE: the dog who saved a human

"Ike is a beautiful tribute and an honest love story. A book any animal lover can relate to—a great example of how we truly don't deserve dogs!"

—Kevin Bieksa, CBC Hockey Night In Canada

& former NHL player


"The world needs Ike!"

"This heartfelt book will make you feel alive from start to finish. The world needs Ike!"

—Alexander Howard, CEO Mind, Mood ALIVE!

Book Trailer—IKE: the dog who saved a human

"You will laugh, cry, and cheer ..."

“This is a heart-warming, gentle read of profundity. Ike, the dog and the story, are a study in perspective and uncomplicated clarity that guides the reader through lessons of friendship, family, redemption, forgiveness, determination, laughter, and all that make a life whole. Ike, with his unconditional loyalty and old soul wisdom, offers the beacon of light and hope that illuminates the path from the wreckage of Jason’s Olympic dreams through healing, understanding, and love in all its beauty. You will laugh, cry, and cheer as Jason discovers and carves his path forward in life. This story is uplifting, honest, funny, and meaningful. Enjoy the read.”

— Ellen Smoor Foster, Ph.D., Author


"... powerful, captivating, and truly lovely."

“There’s something wonderful and beneficial about living with a creature that unwaveringly loves you. It’s something that has been studied. It’s measurable. But we don’t get a dog to become a better human. The story of Ike and Jason however, is exactly that. I found it to be powerful, captivating, and truly lovely. It’s a story that people will relate to on different levels, as I did. Those of us who have lived with dogs will connect immediately with certain aspects, but it might be an evenmore important book for those who have not.”

— Duff Gibson, Olympic Champion, Author

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