Jason Dorland is an Olympian, father, partner, coach...

Jason Dorland is an Olympian, father, partner, coach, entrepreneur, and storyteller who dedicates his life to pursuing excellence in himself and those he supports. He is the author of "Chariots and Horses: Life Lessons from an Olympic Rower” and “Pulling Together: A Coaches Journey to Uncover the Mindset of True Potential." 

When Jason is not running with his dogs Oakley and Bella on the trails or swimming at Thetis Lake near his home on Vancouver Island, he’s sharing experiences and life lessons through keynotes and workshops with his wife, business partner, and fellow Olympian, Robyn Meagher through their work at Your Mindset.

After a decade of offering their brand of holistic high performance coaching to professional teams, as well as corporate and educational organizations, they are now ready to offer it directly to you! Learn more about what it means to thrive at work and in life—coming soon!

If you're interested in learning more about Robyn's counseling work, please visit her site.