"Ike ... charms you one minute and challenges you the next."

"Ike hits you in places you don't expect, scenes lodge in your mind when you put the book down, keep you reflecting and draw you back in to see what's coming next. Ike provides a powerful perspective on us as humans that charms you one minute and challenges you the next.”

— Cath Bishop, Olympic Silver Medalists, former Diplomat, Author, Consultant/Coach

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“Ike is a true story of unconditional love...

“Ike is a true story of unconditional love between a man and his dog—a love which inspired courage, vulnerability, and ultimately a transformational awakening in the heart of the author himself. This is a story with a profound message for people of all ages.”

—Peter McCoppin, International Orchestral Conductor, National Host/Broadcaster, Executive Coach

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