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Jason Dorland

Ike's Buddy-Bundle—2 Books Save You 10%

Ike's Buddy-Bundle—2 Books Save You 10%

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Purchase Ike's Buddy-Bundle (2 books) and save 10%...

Based on true-life events, "IKE: the dog who saved a human," follows the transformative journey of author Jason Dorland, a Canadian national team rower left bitter, ashamed, and lost after his crew finished last in their final at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Dorland retires from rowing and, as a way to cope, adopts a golden retriever puppy named Ike, who is destined to be guide dog for the blind. While Dorland struggles to redefine himself and find a new purpose in his life, Ike takes on a new role. Removed from the guide dog program at nine months for health reasons, Ike becomes Jason's own guide—his teacher. Through many adventures together, Dorland eventually discovers that love is not something you chase but something you give away.

Contains puppy breath!

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